During my undergraduate research at Purdue University, I worked on simulated moving bed which implanted chromatography separation. The summer after graduating, I joined Novartis as a R&D intern studying gene modification using CRISPR Cas9. Both experience heavily relied on built up software, which inspired me to explore the field in computational modeling and process system engineering. This inspiration led me joining the MS program at CMU.

For relaxation, I enjoy listening to Broadway musicals and watching late night shows. I am also a big fun of detective stories. Most important, I enjoy spending time with my friend.


  • B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, May 2017
  • R&D Intern (Novartis, Summer 2017)
  • R&D Intern (Novozymes Biotechnology, Summer 2016)

Email wzhong1 (at) andrew.cmu.edu