I am an upcoming sophomore in Chemical Engineering Department. I am passionate about my major, and currently trying to explore more about the numerous fields under chemical engineering. I appreciate the opportunity to join the Ulissi Lab and get some hands-on experience to combine machine learning and catalysis. Through this experience, I hope to do some useful calculations and help decide the ideal metal catalyst for future use. During my high school, I also had previous chemistry research experience on synthesis and characterization of ferrocene coumarin-chalcone hybrid.

Beyond research, I joined CMU chemE car, and ARCC a cappella. Music is a necessity in my life. I love spending a sunny Sunday morning singing, playing musical instruments such as the piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, or just simply listening to music. I love expressing emotions through music. I enjoyed creating music with friends in my band as well in my high school, and really hope I can join a band here in CMU.

Email ketongc (at) andrew.cmu.edu