Welcome to new MS students Wen Zhong and Zong Qian Yu!

Wen and Zong Qian will be completing research projects from January through the end of next year. Zong Qian will be working on predictive methods for materials discovery, and Wen will be working on predictive and high-throughput methods for patterned surfaces!

ML for energy materials discovery commentary published in Nature!

A commentary that was written from the proceedings of a workshop we attended in May 2017 was published in Nature, with Zachary Ulissi as a co-signatory. See the article for a high-level description of challenges in applying predictive methods to the discovery of new energy materials: Use machine learning to... [Read More]

Kevin passes his quals!

The group’s first PhD student, Kevin Tran, passed his quals with a presentation on his first project “Automated materials simulation: DFT-calculated adsorption energies”. [Read More]

Actively recruiting!

We have positions at the undergrad (CMU-preferred), grad, and post-doc level. If you’re excited about this work, get in touch by email with your background, CV, and what interests you.

Ulissi Group welcomes the first student!

Kevin Tran joined in December 2016, and will be working on systems engineering approaches applied to materials discovery. Welcome to the group!